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*Street Style

young hearts’ poison


somehow i know
that if i cut
my hair, dye it
yellow- pierce my tongue
introduce my taste buds
to other women
i will still be your prisoner

so i leave my hair as is
and leave you on my tongue
and wear the same

after all, why would i
want to be anything other
than the young kid
you fell in love with?


it’s so annoying when people put down girls for wearing makeup like shut up if it makes a girl feel confident and good about herself that’s all that matters

and boys that say they don’t like girls who wear makeup are idiots because 99% of the celebrities they find attractive are cake faces!!!


charity »


brick by brick
angels and demons
crashing waves
changes in seasons

when the light passing through
rooftop gardens, sage growing
under trees of city life
finally shines upon

stained glass windows and
pierces their barrier onto
unsuspecting men and women
heads bowed in prayer